Chain Reaction: 11th Anniversary Shows

Friday September 23, 2022 from 9:00 PM to 10:15 PM

To celebrate 11 years, Alchemy is creating a Chain Reaction! Each cast member selected then chose the next player. 1 by 1 until 11!

Since September 2011 the Alchemy Comedy Theater has brought weekly live improv shows to downtown Greenville, SC. To celebrate our birthday we are putting on a "Chain Reaction" show. Not only will the show be improvised, so is the cast!

One Alchemy cast member was chosen each night to get the chain started. They then reached out to one of their favorite players. Who then reached out to one of their favorite players. The chain continued until we had 11 players to celebrate 11 years.

There will be two chances (Friday and Saturday at 9pm) to see this show with two completely different, completely random casts! Get your tickets now and celebrate along with us!

***And just in case 11 years of comedy isn't enough to celebrate, by our estimation this also going to be our 3,000th Alchemy Comedy show!